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Yoga Hunchback Corrector

Yoga Hunchback Corrector

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Introducing the Yoga Hunchback Corrector! This innovative product is designed to help correct your posture and relieve back pain. The adjustable length allows it to be suitable for both adults and children, while the stainless steel tube is reinforced for durability. The thickened sponge grip is soft and comfortable, making it easy to use. The firm installation and easy disassembly make it perfect for home or office use. The Yoga Hunchback Corrector is available in a variety of colors, so you can find the perfect match for your style.



Specification:Product name: Hunchback CorrectorMaterial: Stainless Steel + FoamLength: 54-86cmColor: Pink, Blue, GreenSuitable for: Universal

Packing List:Hunchback Corrector*1

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